Advantec Marine
SEATTLE, WA., October 9, 2013 – Part of the AdvanTec Marine family of companies, Freeman Marine has led the way in cast hatch design and manufacturing for decades. Freeman Marine’s quick-acting flush cast hatches are the first choice when watertight integrity and ease of use are required. Freeman’s hatches feature a built-in T-handle, and an easy operating dogging mechanism. The standard pocketed, stainless steel T-handle is built in, permanently a part of the hatch. Simply grasp the handle and pull; the shaft slides into place, and with less than a quarter turn, the handle completely disengages the locking mechanism. The dogs and linked handle do the work quickly and easily.

Evenly spaced dogging arms exert uniform sealing pressure on the cover plate. The unique design, fit and adjustability of Freeman’s dogging mechanism assures smooth, consistent action.

The hatches’ easy lift system allows simple removal. With the locking mechanism disengaged, the hatch is resting on the deck ring and can be lifted out with one hand.

An extensive variety of models are available. Visit to view all features and models, and to place your order.