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SEATTLE, WA., October 1, 2013 – Licensed Professional Engineer and Naval Architect Andrew Mund has been named AdvanTec Marine’s Technical Director.

In this role Mr. Mund will extend his commitment to the industry by expanding his offerings to a wider client base, leading marine engineering and design initiatives for all five of the companies that make up the AdvanTec Marine family: Diamond Sea Glaze; Freeman Marine; Manly Marine; Pacific Coast Marine; and Steelhead Marine.

“Andrew brings not only his incredible talent and experience, but a passionate and collaborative spirit,” said Darren Loken, AdvanTec’s Marine Division President. “From his early life adventures at sea, to his extensive education in every classical realm of the engineering disciplines, he is an intuitive creator and leader for the marine industry,” he said.

Mr. Mund’s early career days were spent as a naval architect. He rose through the ranks at several shipbuilding companies, eventually founding his own company, where, until joining AdvanTec Marine, he served as managing director.

Mr. Mund has assembled an impressive body of work. Even his professional associations and ancillary activities reflect his enthusiasm toward the field. They include his membership in the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, The International Propeller Club of the United States, and his U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer License. “It permeates all I do,” Mr. Mund said. He explains that he believes his long-time ties to the industry, and deep experience in it, have given him the perspective that is critical when designing his projects. “I believe the experiences I’ve had, say working in a shipyard or helping in my family’s fishing business when I was young, have proven vital,” he said.

Throughout his many years of service to the marine industry, Mr. Mund has provided a broad range of engineering design services to a myriad of companies. Recent project contributions include a 65-foot Subchapter T Passenger Ferry for Sayville Ferry Service; a 345-foot Pipe Lay Vessel for McDermott; a 120-foot Explorer Yacht for Nordhavn Yachts; and a 210-foot Sports Yacht for Palmer Johnson Yachts.

Mr. Mund will work from AdvanTec Marine’s Gulf Coast sales and design offices near Mobile, Alabama.

About AdvanTec Marine:

AdvanTec Marine is the marine division of AdvanTec Global Innovations and includes the following companies: Diamond Sea Glaze, Freeman Marine, Manly Marine, Pacific Coast Marine, and Steelhead Marine, with locations in Western Canada, the Pacific Northwest, and the Gulf Coast. AdvanTec Global Innovations ( is a collaboration of brands, many that have been serving businesses in the global marketplace for more than 50 years. AdvanTec’s breadth of products and services is vast, with capabilities across land- and sea-based structural manufacturing and fabrication. In addition to marine companies, AdvanTec’s family includes Advanced Bending Technologies; Advanced Flow Systems; RM MachineWorks; and Surround Technologies. AdvanTec Global Innovations is headquartered in Canada.

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